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Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

From text adverts on top of a Google search page, to banners on websites and email, to YouTube video spots, the internet offers limitless options to find your future customers.

Ensuring that your money is wisely spent, prospects can be specifically targeted based on their age, gender, location, interest or search history. Your campaigns can be adjusted, giving you maximum flexibility.

Having driven growth for US, UK and Irish clients over a number of years, Aró has extensive experience in creating highly profitable search marketing campaigns. Home to some of the best digital marketing experts, Aró is a fully certified Google AdWords and Bing advertising partner.

Safeguarding your brand guidelines and core messages, we can create eye-catching marketing visuals.

Committing to your long-term success, we frequently carry out A/B testing to adjust campaigns based on market intelligence and we ensure that your ads are optimised for the best click-through results. Offering a 360 degree view of your marketing efforts, we regularly review your landing pages to make sure users complete their transactions.

As a leading PPC management agency, the pay per click advertising campaigns we run work seamlessly together across different local and international markets and online advertising channels.

Brand PPC advertising

Want to get more business through your website and pay less commission fees? These text-based adverts placed in search engines focus on keywords related to your own brand (such as your hotel’s name) in order to offset the combative efforts of online travel agents. Having worked with hundreds of hotel clients, we estimate that when you focus on driving direct revenue from our own website with PPC ads, you will receive a minimum of 15 times return on your ad spend through this paid channel after a few months.

Brand PPC Advertising - Your Weapon in the Fight Against OTAs

Pay-per-click advertising

Similarly to brand PPC, the aim of these ads is to get you onto the top of the search pages when web users are looking for results related to your business. These advertisements are triggered when someone is searching for generic phrases related to your business (such as ‘hotels in Mayfair’, ‘restaurants in Paris’, ‘best spas on the West Coast’).

Unsure if this is the best investment for you? Rest assured, we will guide you to find the most suitable form of digital advertising.

Display advertising

Bring your brand alive with more interactive forms of advertisements using banners, videos and animations on millions of websites, news pages and blogs.

In addition to targeting users based on their demographics, you can zoom in on customers who have already visited your website or searched for a term related to your business. Remarketing can incentivise browsers to consider your offering again and to make a purchase.

Bing advertising

Extend your reach by investing in Microsoft’s search engine. Offering lower cost-per-click and potentially higher return on investment than Google, this is a great platform to enhance your marketing strategy.

Gmail ads

Using another innovative form of Google’s advertising options, you can show custom ads in Gmail based on the users’ email address, content of their correspondence or having demonstrated similar characteristics to your existing customers.

YouTube videos

One third of internet users are on Youtube, which has a range of options to target the right customers based on their gender, age, geography and interests. Showcase your hotel in an engaging and dynamic way with a video.

Metasearch advertising

This relatively new and rapidly expanding form of online advertising offers you another powerful tool to combat OTAs. When a user looks up your hotel, a metasearch result appears showing real-time rates for your property on various platforms. When used effectively, metasearch not only drives direct bookings, but also promotes brand awareness.

LinkedIn adverts

Having become the largest business network on the internet, LinkedIn offers you a unique opportunity to reach more than 500 million professionals. You can target individuals based on their job function, company size or position, driving brand awareness, generating new business leads and direct traffic to your website, as well as increasing event registrations or content downloads.

Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads allow users to search availability and compare prices without even visiting your website. Hotel ads can appear within Google’s search results page or on Google maps. You can get your website in front of people at multiple stages of their purchasing journey, from when they search a generic term like ‘hotels in London’, to when they specifically search for your hotel’s name.

Using a CPC model, we highly optimise the campaign to get the best return. This additional visibility allows hotels to steal back users that are highly likely to book on an OTA that are already reaping the benefits of a Google Hotel ad integration.