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Email Marketing For Hotels

Look after your relationship with your customers by activating targeted, measurable email campaigns. We offer beautiful design layouts and easy management at affordable rates. 

AróSuite Hotel Email Marketing

Presenting a powerful marketing tool, Aró’s email marketing for hotels offers you the perfect platform to drive revenue within a short time frame. Industry professionals agree that despite the rise of new media channels, email marketing is still the top choice for hotels to improve sales, reduce cost of sales and improve conversion rates. 

Using our intuitive email marketing software for hotels, you can create and activate email campaigns in minutes. As training time is minimal, your account can be  handled by several team members. Database management is seamless - you can upload emails in bulk or individually, while efficient guest segmentation allows for more targeted communication.

There are numerous functions on our platform to help you adhere to data protection regulations, including GDPR. AróSuite Email Marketing operates on a “double opt-in’’ system so customers can confirm their email address before being added to your database. The search and wipe functionality allows you to easily manage your contacts. 

With a wide selection of striking designs, our email templates are not only optimised to deliver results, but they offer a genuine representation of your brand. Templates are rigorously tested on multiple browsers and email providers to guarantee that your branding looks uniform to all contacts. Since more than half of all subscribers open emails on their phone, our designs are carefully tailored for mobile devices to create the best email marketing campaigns for hotels. 

A customised dashboard displays key statistics from your hotel email marketing campaigns - providing you with invaluable data to optimise future mailings.  Statistics on the best performing offers, revenue generation, engagement rates, open and click-through figures provide you with an informative snapshot. If necessary, you can easily generate an in-depth analysis of your mailings. Compare campaigns side by side and export data to share results with your colleagues. Track engagement, test messages to continuously improve your performance and achieve better return on investment. 

Whether you are running a high-profile luxury hotel or a cosy guesthouse, email marketing can be equally beneficial. At a much lower cost than other forms of advertising, email campaigns offer an affordable alternative to small business owners. Email marketing will assist you with driving revenue directly to your own hotel booking engine. 

With over two decades of experience in the industry, we can confidently state that hospitality email marketing can make a significant difference to your online revenues. 

Key Benefits

  • Customised messages 
  • Drive direct bookings 
  • Direct communication channel 
  • Shareable content 
  • Highly measurable results 
  • Lucrative revenue channel
  • Convert leads into business 
  • Guaranteed return on investment
  • Greater brand awareness 
  • Cost effective pricing 

Key Features 

  • Branded templates 
  • Mobile-friendly design 
  • GDPR compliant set-up
  • Immediate campaign activation 
  • Flexible in-house management 
  • Detailed customer segmentation 
  • Key performance indicators
  • Comprehensive reporting  
  • Guidance from experienced marketers 
  • Secure server