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Titanic Hotel Liverpool

The Brief

The Titanic Hotel Liverpool is housed in a renovated warehouse in Liverpool's docklands and has become a modern icon of the city. The hotel launched their website with Aró in 2014. A redesign will launch soon, complimenting the design of their sister property, Titanic Hotel Belfast, which Aró designed in early 2017.


ó's key focus for the hotel is to support their book direct strategy with business consultancy and brand PPC. Digital marketing and SEO strategies ensure that the hotel maintains visibility on search engines and organic traffic is directed to the official site.

4 star hotel Liverpool city centre, UK

Profile: 4 star hotel Liverpool city centre, UK

153 Rooms

Room Capacity: 153 Rooms

Design | Strategy | Marketing | PPC

Services: Design | Strategy | Marketing | PPC

Take a closer look...
We trust Aró to handle our PPC campaigns for our hotels, because we were thrilled with results the highly skilled digital marketing team have delivered to date. We knew that their SEO experts would work closely with the PPC team to optimise the changes to our strategy and a quarter of the increase in our revenue last year is due to the PPC campaigns alone.  We are confident that working with Aró, we can continue to grow this further over the next few years.
Claire Horan
Sales & Marketing, Harcourt Developments