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The Twelve Hotel

The Brief

The effortlessly stylish Twelve Hotel in Barna, Galway has been a client since 2006. Aró launched their new website in 2017, which features dynamic scrolling elements and cinemagraphs to increase user engagement and showcase the property's unique charm. Aró also supports the hotel's revenue generation online with Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns, as well as a proactive digital marketing and book direct strategy.

4 Star Boutique Hotel, Barna, Galway

Profile: 4 Star Boutique Hotel, Barna, Galway

48 Rooms

Room Capacity: 48 Rooms

Design | Strategy | Marketing | PPC | Booking Engine

Services: Design | Strategy | Marketing | PPC | Booking Engine

Take a closer look...
In being considered ‘the best boutique hotel in Ireland’, our brand portrayal online must seamlessly jump off of the web into reality. Aró have managed to accomplish this for The Twelve over the space of 10 plus years. Even more crucially, the design must translate into a great user experience and ultimately, conversion. Therein lies the reason for our strong business relationship.
Fergus O' Halloran 
General Manager