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The Capital Hotel

The Brief

The Capital Hotel is one of London's first boutique hotels, a legacy which is important to celebrate in the branding. Aró designed the website with this in mind, while focusing on the customer's journey to book. SEO and digital marketing strategies maintain the hotel's performance online, while PPC is used to take back some of the visibility the OTAs have in search results. 

Classic 5 Star hotel in London's Knightsbridge

Profile: Classic 5 Star hotel in London's Knightsbridge

49 Rooms

Room Capacity: 49 Rooms

Design | Strategy | Marketing | PPC

Services: Design | Strategy | Marketing | PPC

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The strong team involvement works closely with our strategy and also helps us understand the never ending development of algorithms, ranking and customer behaviour. Regular conference calls and action plans give us a stronger sense of direction and involvement avoiding the sense of isolation that can often be felt with SEO/PPC partnerships. 
Patricia Greenwood
Director of Sales & Marketing