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Boosting The Rock Hotel's Online Presence

Profile: Newly refurbished four-star hotel, originally built in 1930s, located on the Rock of Gibraltar.

Size: 84 rooms

Online Turnover: 12% of room revenue is generated on the website.

Services: Website design & AróSuite CMS, business strategy, digital marketing, email marketing.

The Brief

The Rock Hotel had been exquisitely refurbished and they needed to match the beautiful interiors with a website redesign that would appeal to luxury travellers and enhance their brand. Conversion and improving the online revenue channel also needed to be a focus, while not infringing on the sleek visual appeal of a quality website.

The Result

  • The revenue goal was reached 2 months ahead of time.
  • Online turnover has grown from 8% to 12% in one year.
  • Consultancy and planning special offers around milestones during the year strengthened the presentation of offers.
  • 19% of online revenue can be directly attributed to the special offers channel.
  • Out of 30 select keywords, the Rock Hotel now ranks on the first page for two thirds of them.
  • The average booking value on the website is now higher than any other channel.
  • An increase of 37% in database subscribers during 2016 lead to a 23% increase in email marketing revenue.

The Approach

The designers wished to focus the purchase path of the user to increase bookings online, while still emulating the sophisticated old world sensibilities of The Rock Hotel's decor and glamorous past. The room pages in particular showcase the luxurious interiors and the content on the page is displayed with clear icons that immediately highlight the specific room features. Users are drawn directly to the booking engine from here, given the dominant book now buttons.

Before the new website launch, The Rock Hotel was predominately found through brand searches. A major effort was instigated to improve the hotel's visibility online and to capture visitors that were not previously familiar with the hotel's brand. An extensive process of keyword research, mapping the website content and optimising pages for location specific keywords achieved this aim. The team capitalised on research that uncovered a demand for the hotel's other services, such as weddings and dining facilities, bringing new relevant traffic to the website.

Google My Business listings set up and optimisation also contributed significantly to organic traffic and organic revenue. After detailed investigation, the digital marketing team discovered a problem with location placement on Google Maps. When corrected, the listing began to accumulate Google reviews, which helped grow the hotel's presence in local search (Maps), bolstering brand awareness.

The Rock Hotel's staff also uses the AróSuite Email Marketing System, which is integrated with the website's CMS, and they saw the value in growing a quality database that would respond positively to receiving their newsletters. As part of on-going consultancy services, the account manager advised on and composed many effective and engaging email campaigns. They focused offer-specific, short clear messaging that were appropriately timed using the high-converting AróSuite email templates, resulting in email marketing growing steadily as a major contributing channel to overall revenue generation online.

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