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Lakeside Hotel Increases Online Revenue by 82%

Profile: 3-star family-friendly hotel overlooking River Shannon in Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Size: 43 Rooms.

Online Turnover: 20% room revenue generated through the website.

Services: Website design & AróSuite CMS, email marketing, digital marketing, business strategy, Google PPC advertising.

The Brief

To grow revenue through the hotel’s own website by consulting on best practice for maintaining and improving the website through the AróSuite CMS and implementing a digital marketing programme in 2017.

The Result

  • 94% increase in revenue from special offers channel on the website Feb-May 2017 (year on year).
  • 68% increase in organic revenue in the first 5 months of 2017.
  • 82% increase in online revenue in the same period.
  • 52% improvement in conversion rate in the same period.
  • Increased sessions by 53% on special offers pages and 32% on accommodation pages with addition of indexable content (month on month).
  • Positions on Google have improved month on month since optimising for new keywords from February 2017.

The Approach

The Lakeside Hotel’s responsive website and booking engine launched in mid-2015 and performed consistently, primarily attracting people interested in family breaks and activity breaks on the River Shannon. The recent focus has been on more effectively engaging the user with content on the website that will encourage them to complete a room booking.

The Aró account manager and digital marketing executive worked in tandem to find areas of the website where content could be improved, resulting in an analysis of two key areas: the homepage and special offers. They recommended the addition of written content, including select keywords, on the special offers page to improve its indexation on search engines. Competitive price points were highlighted on both the home page and on each special offer. The legacy of these actions is an almost doubling of revenue through this channel in the four months that followed. A similar tactic was employed on the accommodation page, which resulted in 32% more sessions in a similar timeframe.

A seasonal content calendar was drafted as part of the consultation process. This makes it easier to delegate and manage content in a timely manner, which has positive effects for increasing sessions on the website when properly optimised. The hotel staff now also manage their rates more effectively, to ensure that the best rate is available only on their website, while the website and booking engine content points to key benefits to booking direct. The conversion rate improvement indicates that users are engaging well with the content and are compelled to book.

Now that the website content is driving conversion and will continue to do so, more traffic can be brought to the website. To reclaim some of the traffic going to OTAs, a brand search Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign was commenced in May 2017.

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